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  1. J. P. says:

    We are hoping to visit Israel for the first time in late October to late November this year.
    Please provide us with a cost (type of currency for the cost), dates and any other pertinent information.
    Size of tour group and are all participants booked at the same hotel?

    • liviorosenberg@yahoo.com says:

      Late October and November is a great time of the year to come. Not only is the weather fantastic (summers are desert hot, and winters are rainy and cold) but the Jewish holidays are over at the beginning of October which means the costs of airfare and land service come down, marking the beginning of low season.
      As most modern countries, Israel accepts US dollars and Euros for payment.
      Groups come to Israel from all over the world. Depending on the size of the group, most of the time it’s not a problem to place them in the same hotel (for groups up to 200 people).
      We look forward to hearing from you and of course, to seeing you in the Holy Land.
      Rick Baron,
      Time for Israel

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